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::ONLINE:: Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Training

June 2, 2023 - June 23, 2023

Yin Yoga and Qi Cultivation Training
Practitioner + Teacher Training (20hr CEU, ONLINE)
With Josh Summers + Terry Cockburn

This four-week immersion training for students and teachers of Yin Yoga will be a journey into the refinement and training of suppleness in body (fascia), Qi (energy) and Spirit.

Traditional Chinese Medicine will provide the map for our journey, outlining our rivers of energy (channels) and our zones of greatest influence (acupuncture points), as well as the underlying theory to help guide our way.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our holistic health is described in terms of how healthy our Qi (vital energy) is. Disease, in any form, is a disruption in the strength or circulation of this energy. Similarly, a healthy and thriving life, from a TCM perspective, is characterized by strong, flowing Qi.

Practically speaking, this is why the health of our joints is so influential on the circulation of our Qi. From a TCM perspective, the joints are regions of the body where bad Qi can accumulate and our healthy Qi can become stagnant.

In this 20hr immersion training, Terry and I will share our unique integration of Yin Yoga, Qi Gong and Acupuncture-based self-care practices that train and maintain the suppleness of our joints, our Qi and our Spirit.

“I wanted to share that with the work with acupressure points that Josh shared I felt not only warmth traveling up my arms but a feeling of energy flowing up along each arm cascading into a feeling of relaxation in my neck and forehead.” – Diana J. (Workshop Participant)

Who is this Yin Yoga immersion for?

–This immersion is for any student or practitioner interested in the energy of fascia and how to train the fascia’s energy for life-long suppleness.

–If you practice or teach Yin Yoga, this training will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine to add greater breadth and depth to your repertoire.

–Training Prerequisite: basic knowledge and understanding of Yin Yoga, the postures and principles.

Training Content

In each week of our four-week training, you will receive lifetime access to our easy-to-follow self-paced tutorials and practices where we share:

–Traditional Chinese Medical Theory for Yin Yoga

–Acupuncture Point + Channel Location Tutorials (4-6 points per week)

–Josh’s acupuncture-based protocols for Adrenal/Kidney Health, Fascial Suppleness, Liver Qi Circulation and a Calm Spirit

–Integration Guides for Yin Postures, Points + Channels

–Yin Pranayama Practice for Qi Strength

–Elemental Qi Gong for the archetypal postures and target joints of Yin Yoga practice

–Sequence Guides that Integrate Yin Yoga + TCM

–Modalities for stimulating “power” points within Yin Yoga postures (Acupressure, Gua Sha + Tui Na Massage)

–PLUS a weekly LIVE 2hr Practice + Discussion with Josh (replay included, live attendance optional)

“It was fascinating to explore the acupressure points on the Shao Yang channel with Josh. I found a release of tension in my neck afterwards. I am so encouraged by the results of this myofascial release, as I presently see an acupuncturist, craniosacral therapist and massage therapist!” – Julie H. (Workshop Participant)

Logistics on how this training works:

–The four-week training includes both weekly pre-recorded tutorials and practices as well as a weekly LIVE session.

–You will have lifetime access to all course videos and materials, including replays of LIVE sessions.

–The weekly LIVE sessions will be a 2hr practice/discussion, Friday from 8am to 10am (EST)

–LIVE Session Dates: June 2, June 9, June 16, June 23 and June 30. (Please note: Links to these sessions will be listed in the course, and live attendance is optional.)

–Investment: $360 (50% off for sangha members)

–Receive: Training Certificate for 20 CEUs with Yoga Alliance (upon course completion and passing quiz)

–Questions will be responded to and discussed in the weekly 2hr LIVE session

TOOLS for TRAINING: While you could take this training and use only your hands and a tennis ball for the myofascial practices, we strongly recommend that you acquire two of our ABSOLUTE favorite tools for point and channel stimulation:

  • Acu-Mobility Balls. We recommend having one (or two) Acu-Mobility Balls LEVEL 1 for this course. The LEVEL 2 balls are harder and closer to a lacrosse ball’s density, making them too hard for our intentions.
  • Gua Sha stone. The Gua Sha stone is one of the the simplest and most effective tools for supporting harmonious Qi flow.

ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED: All course materials and zoom links for the live sessions can be accessed in the “MY COURSES” tab on our website under “Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Training”

Please note: we do not send out zoom links prior to the live sessions! Everything you need is contained within the course – simply head over there to access the materials. 

Register Here

Meet Your Teachers:

We – Josh and Terry – draw on our five-plus decades of practice and teaching within the modalities of fitness and athletic coaching, yoga, meditation and acupuncture. We strive to share a creative, accessible and functional approach to the cultivation of our bodies, energy and heart.


June 2, 2023
June 23, 2023


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