The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Foundations Module is a comprehensive training for serious students and teachers who are interested in learning the core aspects of the practice of Yin Yoga.

We now offer the Foundations Module primarily as a fully online & on-demand version, making it safe and convenient to participate.

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About the Foundations Module

The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Foundations Module:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of Yin Yoga; how to cue postures and educate students safely.
  • Practice the core Yin asanas: Backbends, forward bends, lunges, external hip openers, twists, and upper body postures.
  • Explore the difference between Aesthetic Alignment and Functional Alignment; how bone variation affects range of motion and alignment considerations.
  • Study the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine, pelvis, thigh, knee, and shoulder girdle.
  • Understand the principles of tension and compression in asana.
  • Learn 5 essential Yin sequences, with relevant modifications and adjustments.
  • Learn the key principles of sequencing; target areas and counterposes.
  • Investigate the histological structure and function of connective tissue.
  • Understand the positive physiological effects of Yin Yoga on the fascia, connective tissue, and joint health.

The Foundations Module is suitable for those both interested in teaching Yin Yoga or for those who simply wish to deepen their understanding of the practice.

Students will receive a certificate of training which is eligible for Continuing Education Credit (50hrs) with the Yoga Alliance. The Foundations Module is a core module of the Summers School of Yin Yoga 200-hour and 300-hour certification program.

How the Program Works

1. Register for any Foundations Module.

In addition to the 4-day live intensive training with Josh or Terry, you will receive:

  • Free lifetime access to the Body Sublime (online pre-course)
  • In-depth teaching manual for use in the training – and for future reference

Each live training has an early-bird pricing option, so plan ahead if you can!

2. Prepare for the live training.

Upon registration for any Foundations Module, you’ll get free lifetime access to The Body Sublime, an online pre-course to accompany the module (a $125 value).

Completing this online pre-course will prepare you to arrive at the live training with a solid foundation of the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, allowing us to start at a higher level in our time together in the intensive.

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Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering live trainings.
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Testimonials from Past Attendees

Here are what past students say about the Foundations Module:

  • Josh Summers has a wonderful teaching methodology and personality. When reviewing various yin teacher training options, I just knew the Yin Yoga Foundations Module with Josh would be the right one for me. It absolutely was – I learned so much more than I ever expected. Josh truly has a gift for presentation and I highly recommend his school and training.
    —S.P. in Florida
  • This is by far THE BEST yoga training course I've ever taken. Josh is a joy to work with. He is a fount of knowledge with NO ego! A rare combination. I was able to implement my new knowledge immediately upon returning to teaching and my students enjoyed that additional information. It's all about tension and compression and a Dragon-A-Day!
  • Although I felt fully capable to teach Yin after taking Josh's Foundations Module (and have done so for the last 4 years), I am really happy I decided to re-take it. I found the updated module to be a much more in depth and comprehensive look into the physical aspects, mechanics, and benefits of the yin yoga practice and I believe it will enhance my teaching immensely. Looking forward to taking future modules and the Retreat this Winter :)
    —P.N. in Boston, MA
  • Josh's class changed how I approached my practice. What I was getting out of it. What I was bringing to it. How to ditch some attitudes that weren't helping me. Yes, Josh teaches poses. But more importantly, he invites his students to think about their Yin practice more intelligently, more pragmatically, more approachably and yes… more healthfully. It was good, good stuff.
    —S.H. in Michigan
  • It always becomes clear in any profession when someone has deep-rooted knowledge and can deliver it in a way that works – when it’s lasting, when it’s the real deal. That’s Josh. Over the past decade, I’ve watched Josh develop one of the most comprehensive and critically acclaimed Yin Yoga offerings – and now a complete Yin Yoga program with I’m in awe of all he has accomplished.
    —H.S. in Connecticut
  • I've just finished the Foundations and TCM modules with Josh and I'm delighted with both courses. He has a winning combination of clarity, knowledge, humility, and humour and a relaxed passion for what he does which he transmits so well. I began as a Yin Yoga ignoramus and return home with a real sense of its magic.
    —J.Z. in Granada, Spain
  • Josh not only has an amazing depth of knowledge, but intellectual integrity as well. As a practicing physician, I appreciate that very much. Not many teachers can effectively convey what they know in an accessible and effective way, but Josh certainly does. He communicates in a way that not only attains the goals of each day's training in his program, but leaves you yearning for more.
    T.H.B in Connecticut
  • Josh's format for this module is outstanding. The online course ensured that all attendees had a basic understanding of the material, allowing us to dive deep into the material. The format of the in-person training is genius too – each day includes in-depth and interactive investigation of Yin Yoga postures, interesting lectures, lively and on-point group discussions, and solid practice time to fully integrate what we learned that day. I rate this course 10+ out of 10.
    —G.K. in Massachusetts