Lesson 11: Relaxing Within the Hindrances

Often in meditation, the obstacles to states of stillness and calm are referred to as the Hindrances. They are the mind-states of Desire, Dislike, Restlessness, Sleepiness, and Doubt. In this lesson, I look at the Hindrances from both Yang and Yin angles and offer ways to work more skillfully with them. In contrast to more active and Yang ways of working with the hindrances, I’ve found it incredibly fruitful to adopt a more Yin approach. Rather than deploying any prescribed technique or strategy for dealing with them, I’ve found that bringing a relaxed, receptive, tolerant, and curious energy towards the hindrances is a really good first step. These qualities reframe the energy that my mind tends to have in approaching each hindrance. I’m a bit softer and friendlier, encouraging a broader exploration of their energy.