Next Steps on the Path of Everyday Vitality

Having now experienced for yourself our Everyday Vitality series for body, energy and mind, you may be interested in how you can receive ongoing support in your practice or teaching, or how you can learn more about the theory and nuance of these practices.

We invite you to practice or train with us as as way to deepen and integrate your practice in every dimension of your life.

Yours in practice,

Terry + Josh

Benefits of Online Practice Membership with Terry + Josh

Everyone benefits from regular support in their practice. When you practice with us online, you will:

  • Build consistency and depth in your practice
  • Develop and refine your own personal way 
  • Break out of practice routines + learn to trust your intuition
  • Dialogue with Josh + Terry about the questions and themes that matter most to you
  • Deepen and integrate your practice in all areas of your life

Our online practice sangha – The River Bird Sangha – is committed to helping you discover the best practices for your own body, energy and mind.

Your membership begins with a FREE two-week trial and includes:

  • Four weekly classes in Meditation, Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga + Qi Gong
  • Full access to our Membership Library which includes tutorials, workshops and hundreds of recorded classes for your practice any time, anywhere
  • 50% off all Trainings and Workshops
  • Ongoing support in your practice journey with Josh + Terry

Join our online Practice Membership studio where lives begin to flow and heart’s take flight in the River Bird Sangha!

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Benefits of On-Demand Workshops + Trainings with Josh + Terry

Every practitioner benefits from good practice education. We believe that every practitioner should be well-educated so that they can practice like their own teacher.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, our Yin Yoga School offers a variety of ways to deepen your understanding of the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Yin Meditation, Yang Yoga and Qi Gong.

With our on-demand workshops and trainings, you will:

  • Learn the most up-to-date theory and practical application of practice from Josh + Terry
  • Be able to review the material again and again, which we have found to be essential for long-term integration
  • Receive ongoing support for your questions, challenges and development from Josh + Terry

Our Most Popular Workshops ($20):

Our Most Popular Trainings (Investment varies)

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