Practice 4: Soothing Flow For Relaxation + Inner Renewal

In our Soothing Flow practice, Josh shares an introduction to one of our favorite 30min Yin Yoga routines to melt tension in the fascia and tone the parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation and inner renewal.

We practice Yin Yoga in the evening, usually an hour or so before bed, but experiment with how you respond to all these practices, keep a journal, and follow your intuition.

With consistency, Yin Yoga supports embodied ease on and off the yoga mat.

Remember: Always adapt the pose to your body, and back off or exit the pose completely if the sensations feel painful, sharp or aggressive. With Yin Yoga, less is truly more.

To your vitality!

Terry + Josh


Practice 4: Soothing Flow for Relaxation + Inner Renewal