Teaching + Practice Guide, pdf download

To support your practice and teaching, we have included a downloadable pdf: 

This practice and teaching guide is part of the second chapter (of four) in our new Yin Yoga training: Gathering Earth – Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation 20hrs. If you enjoy this material, we highly recommend taking our self-paced, on-demand training, where you will learn over 20 powerful acupuncture points that can be integrated into Yin Yoga practice with self-massage. The training includes three more similar guides, plus lots more.

“I think the training you have created is really amazing. Not having a background in TCM I felt very lost at first and almost gave up – “I can’t learn this until I learn about TCM!” But instead, I listened each day to your discussions and took notes and even just listened to the practices. And then I went back again to re-watch, re-listen and physically participate in the point locations and practices. I found that this second, even third time around I was fully immersed in the information and practice and it landed very strongly. I very much appreciated the repetition and continued explanation that you incorporated into each lesson, really tying all the information, the intention of the point prescriptions, poses and how it all relates back to the operation of the organs based on TCM. It made a totally foreign concept seem familiar, understandable and relatable. 

I was also amazed at the sensations created by some of the point prescriptions and, you spoke to this many times, that the sensations arose in all different parts of my body. The use of the quasha stone was incredible – especially Terry’s fascial massage – I absolutely loved that!! 

Thank you again for the training you created and the opportunity to join in it. I look forward to incorporating this learning into my practice and the practices I create for my students.”

– Brenna A. (Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Student)

Click HERE for more information about our new Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Training, Gathering Earth.

Thank you for your practice, and we send our warmest wishes,

Josh + Terry