This course is the online component to the 50-hr Yang Yoga Module, and it is taught by Terry Cockburn (E-RYT500), Lead Trainer at The Summers School of Yin Yoga.

This course may be taken standalone as well – it is designed to be a self-contained introductory course for anyone to take.

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NOTE: You get free lifetime access to this online course when you enroll in any 50-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Yang Yoga Module offered by the Summers School of Yin Yoga.

What's in the Course?

This online course is a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of Yang Yoga.

Who Can Take This Course?

For Those Who Are Attending a Live Intensive:

This online course is one part of the teacher training you'll be experiencing – and a unique feature of the Summers School of Yin Yoga. Completing this course will prepare you to arrive at the live training with a solid foundation of the theory and practice covered in each module, allowing us to start at a higher level in our time together in the intensive. Upon registration, you'll receive a link that grants you free lifetime access to the online course (a $125 value). Please note: You will need to complete the online course, including a short quiz, before attending the live teacher training module. Estimated time to complete the online course: 5-7 hrs (not including the course readings).

For Anyone Who Wants to Learn About Yang Yoga:

You don't need to be enrolled in Summers School of Yin Yoga in order to take this online course. It is designed to be a self-contained introduction to the concepts and practice of Yang Yoga. It can be taken on its own, giving you a low-risk opportunity to see if this module (or the school) is the right fit for you.

About the Instructor:

Terry Cockburn, yoga, yoga instructor, workshops, teacher trainings, retreatsThis course is taught by Terry Cockburn (E-RYT500), Lead Trainer at The Summers School of Yin Yoga.

Terry has been teaching yoga since 2006, and she is the owner of Freeport Yoga Company in Freeport, Maine. She designs her yang (vinyasa) classes to be strong and creative, with an emphasis on functional alignment. Her yin classes are physically complementary, heavily influenced by insight meditation and Buddhist teachings.

For more about Terry, please see her full bio here.

Course Contents:

  • Theory: Intention in Yang Yoga; Tension and Compression; Functional vs. Aesthetic Alignment; Stability and Mobility; The Six Principles of Yang Yoga
  • Practice: Yang Lunge Flow Practice; Yin/Yang/Yin Practice
  • Quiz: The course ends with a quiz, which you must complete (and pass!) before the live training.

Below is a complete list of all the course lessons. Each lesson contains either an audio lecture or video presentation.

  1. Introduction: Course Overview
  2. Intention in Yang Yoga
  3. Yang Styles and Interpretations
  4. Tension and Compression
  5. Functional vs. Aesthetic Alignment
  6. Stability and Mobility
  7. The Six Principles of Yang Yoga
    1. First Principle: Know the Intention of the Pose
    2. Second Principle: Pay Attention to Your Experience
    3. Third Principle: Seek Function Over Form
    4. Fourth Principle: Play the Edge to Generate an Effect
    5. Fifth Principle: Maintain or Change
    6. Sixth Principle: Incorporate Variety
  8. Sequence Practice: Yang Lunge Flow
    1. Phase One: Intro
    2. Phase Two: Warm Up
    3. Phase Three: Rhythm
    4. Phase Four: Strength
    5. Phase Five: Mobility
    6. Phase Six: Connecting (All Five Phases in One Sequence)
  9. Sequence Practice: The Spinal Rinse and Reset
    1. Part 1: Yin
    2. Part 2: Yang
    3. Part 3: Yin
  10. The Flow Sublime: Quiz

Course Readings:

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