The Practicum is the capstone module in the Summers School of Yin Yoga, where you will put into practice everything you've learned about Yin Yoga.

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NOTE: You must be a student of the Summers School of Yin Yoga to participate. Apply here.

What's in the Training?

The Practicum Module is for serious students and teachers of Yin and Yang Yoga. It's our chance to refine your teaching – getting into the finer points of skillful sequencing, effective facilitation, and bringing the theory of Yin Yoga to your own students.

Here's an overview of how the program works:

  1. Click the Register Now button to enroll in the Practicum module. Your purchase will declare your intent to get started. We will assign you to a cohort with 4 other Practicum students.
  2. Then you will have a set of 4 assignments to complete, along with two Group Discussions:
    • Teaching Assignment: Submit 4 videos of yourself teaching a student in a live setting.
    • Theory Assignment: Submit 1 video of yourself explaining the Four Principles of Yin Yoga.
    • Peer Review Assignment: Watch and comment on the videos from the other members of your cohort.
    • Group Discussion 1: Participate in a live session with your cohort members, led by Josh or Terry.
    • Group Discussion 2: Participate in a second live session with your cohort members, 3 months later. This is so we can discuss how your teaching has evolved and progressed.
    • Ethics Assignment: Write a brief essay on the ethics of teaching yoga (300-500 words).

Required Readings:

The price of the training is: $300.00.

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