Forth Principle of Yin Yoga: Coming Out of the Pose, Slowly

In this lesson, I’ll discuss the fourth of four aspects of practicing Yin Yoga: How to Come Out of a Pose. I look at the kinds of sensations you’ll experience when coming out of a Yin Yoga pose, how to think about (and speak to) those sensations, and also what to do between poses, including a resonance pose or counterpose.

When it is time to come out of a Yin Posture, you may feel a pronounced disinclination to move quickly. Remember: the tissues in the area that you have targeted will be temporarily weakened as a result of the stresses placed upon them during the hold. As such, these targeted areas tend to feel delicate, fragile, vulnerable, and tender. So, because of these kinds of sensations, it’s a good idea to encourage students to also come out of the pose slowly.