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::ONLINE:: The Elixir of Water – A Fluid Yin Yoga Workshop

February 11, 2023 @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2023
Time: 8am – 11am EST
Location: Online
Investment: $60 (50% off for Sangha Members)

In this special 3hr Fluid Yin Yoga workshop, we will channel the Water element of the body to flow with dynamic suppleness. You will learn and experience the foundational principles of Fluid Yin Yoga, including:

– A Practice Sequence of Water to Waves: Thawing, Flowing, Channeling + Abiding
– “The Sinew Suppleness Elixir”: Josh’s acupuncture-based myofascial Qi self-treatment for the supple health and bio-energy of the fascia.

– Based on the primary movements of the spine and joints, Fluid Yin Yoga trains mobility, strength and suppleness to your fascia – your tissue of bio-energy. 

– Accessible for all levels and all bodies.

– Props for practice: blanket, block and a tennis ball.

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What is Fluid Yin Yoga?

Fluid Yin Yoga is a practice for any student or teacher who wants to expand their teaching or practice of Yin Yoga beyond the foundational principles to include flowing and dynamic mobility, strength and suppleness. 

Fluid Yin Yoga is what Terry and I call our own practice; it’s the practice that we do every day we can. And in many ways, Fluid Yin Yoga is the answer to an evolving practice question we have shared and discussed for years:

What is the best way to integrate Yin Yoga within a complete practice or training program?

This question may very well be an ongoing practice question for you, too. This question is the most common question we have fielded over the years in our Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings.

So, what is Fluid Yin Yoga?

Fluid Yin Yoga picks up where Yin Yoga leaves off, expanding the core principles of Yin Yoga to include a bio-energetic training system for dynamic mobility and strength. Terry and I refer to our daily practice as an elixir because it feels like a perfect blend of our favorite things: Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Functional Fascial Training, Animal Flow, Iyengar Yoga, and Josh’s Acupuncture-Based Myofascial Qi Treatments. 

In our practice, Fluid Yin Yoga feels like a rejuvenating tonic for body, life force and Heart. We want to invite you to sample and experience the tonic of Fluid Yin Yoga for yourself!

What students are saying.

Like Yin Yoga itself, at first I was resistant to Fluid Yin… but after a few weeks of practicing with Terry and Josh, I noticed a steep reduction in my back and knee pain (from ice hockey), as though I had turned back the clock by a decade or so. Thank you. – K.C., Sangha Member

I trained to teach Yin with Josh and Terry in Dublin a few years ago. During the pandemic, I joined the sangha to keep up with my Yin studies. When they started adding simple and slow movements to the Yin poses, I wasn’t a huge fan… I just wanted to hang out in Yin and let go. But I stayed with it, and have noticed that throughout my day, I feel more connected to a deep calm and my energy feels more even. I now integrate this in my own practice and teaching, and my students love it, too. – N.M., Yin Yoga School and Sangha Member

Register Here for the Elixir of Water – A Fluid Yin Yoga Workshop 

In 2023 we will be offering a series of continuing education modules exploring the principles of Fluid Yin Yoga in relation to the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. These modules are for any student or teacher of Yin Yoga who wants to expand their teaching of Yin Yoga beyond the foundational principles. We’ll share more about this practice and training soon.


February 11, 2023
8:00 am - 11:00 am


United States
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Josh Summers