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Purifying Water – The Flow of Qi Cultivation (20hr)

March 15 - April 12

Purifying Water
The Flow of Qi Cultivation
20hr Teacher Training
Terry Cockburn + Josh Summers Lic. Ac.
March 15 – April 12, 2024

Welcome to Purifying Water | The Flow of Qi Cultivation our new module for Qi Cultivation Training. 

In Purifying Water, we explore the Yang side – the dynamic side – of Qi Cultivation. No experience is necessary. Students of all levels are welcome.

Purifying Water – The Flow of Qi Cultivation

Here’s What You Will Learn:

When you register, you will receive lifetime access to our easy-to-follow self-paced talks, tutorials, practices.  In Purifying Water you will learn:

  • Yang Movement for Flowing Qi: Terry will teach you core skills from Yang exercise and Qi Gong to safely stabilize and mobilize your entire body. These practices provide the essential foundation for a life of flowing embodiment, strength and youthful suppleness. 
  • Gua-Sha Massage for Lymphatic Health and Flowing Qi: Josh will teach you Acupuncture-based Channel massages (using the magical Gua Sha stone). These simple massages support lymphatic drainage, decrease inflammation, harmonize Qi flow, and brighten the Spirit
  • Yin Pranayama for Qi Circulation: Josh will guide you through restorative sessions of breathwork which will assist the circulation of fresh Qi throughout the purified field of water-rich fascia, delivering the goodness of healthy Qi to your cells, tissues and organs.
  • Practice Journal: Terry and Josh will both offer ways of cultivating a practice journal to support your awareness and track your development on this journey of Qi Cultivation.

Who is this Qi Cultivation immersion for?

  • This immersion is for any practitioner or teacher who wants to learn effective exercises for stabilizing, mobilizing and flowing their body for optimal energy flow.
  • Anyone interested in applying the timeless wisdom of Chinese Medicine towards their holistic health and vitality.
  • If you practice or teach yoga, this training will give you the theoretical and practical knowledge from Chinese Medicine to add greater breadth and depth to your repertoire of skills.

Logistics on how this training works.

  • The training begins on March 15 in our first live practice session online.
  • Course materials will be accessible after our first session.
  • This four-week training includes 3hrs of pre-recorded tutorials and practices per week, as well as five weekly online LIVE 2hr practice sessions.
  • The weekly online LIVE 2hr practice sessions will be on Fridays from 8am to 10am (EST) on these dates: March 15, March 22, March 29, April 5 and April 12. (Please note: Attendance is optional)
  • Links to these live Zoom sessions are listed in the course.
  • You will have lifetime access to all course videos and materials, including replays of LIVE sessions.
  • If you are unable to attend the LIVE practice sessions, the recordings of every LIVE practice will be available as replays in the course. Attendance to the live sessions is optional, and there is no time limit to complete this self-paced training.
  • Investment: $390 (50% off for sangha members = $180).
  • This is a self-paced training; there is no deadline by which the course must be completed.
  • Continuing Education: Upon completion, you will receive a Training Certificate for 20 CEUs with Yoga Alliance (upon course completion and passing quiz)
  • Tools for Training To get the most out of this training, we recommend having the following tools on hand:
    • Gua Sha stone. The Gua Sha stone is one of the simplest and most effective tools for supporting harmonious Qi flow.
    • Two Blocks;
    • Yoga Strap/Belt
    • Bolster/Cushion
    • Blanket
    • Chair 
  • Accessing the course: Upon registration, you will be able to access the course’s portal by logging into our website and going to your “MY COURSES” tab to find “Purifying Water – The Flow of Qi Cultivation.”

Purifying Water – The Flow of Qi Cultivation

Listen to Terry and Josh discuss the benefits of online yoga training on the Everyday Sublime Podcast:

Here’s what our students are saying about our first two Qi Cultivation modules:

“I think the training you have created is really amazing. Not having a background in TCM I felt very lost at first and almost gave up – “I can’t learn this until I learn about TCM!” But instead, I listened each day to your discussions and took notes and even just listened to the practices. And then I went back again to re-watch, re-listen and physically participate in the point locations and practices. I found that this second, even third time around I was fully immersed in the information and practice and it landed very strongly. I very much appreciated the repetition and continued explanation that you incorporated into each lesson, really tying all the information, the intention of the point prescriptions, poses and how it all relates back to the operation of the organs based on TCM. It made a totally foreign concept seem familiar, understandable and relatable. 

I was also amazed at the sensations created by some of the point prescriptions and, you spoke to this many times, that the sensations arose in all different parts of my body. The use of the quasha stone was incredible – especially Terry’s fascial massage – I absolutely loved that!! 

Thank you again for the training you created and the opportunity to join in it. I look forward to incorporating this learning into my practice and the practices I create for my students.”
– Brenna A. (Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Student)


“Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying this course. I took the 50 hour TCM course several years ago and was fascinated with the content and recognized it was just scratching the surface. 

My learning style responds well to the way the material is presented and delivered.  I also appreciate the way you offer suggestions how we can incorporate into our teaching. 

Although I will not be able to attend the zoom on Friday, please know it’s not due to lack of interest or enthusiasm. Family obligations warrant my assistance. Thank you for the flexibility with the course. 

One last thought to share…Terry’s classes on Qi Gong the past two weeks have captured my heart. As a reiki practitioner, and the strong message of intention shared through your coursework, I have been encouraged to go beyond the physical aspect and enjoy the experience at a much deeper level. Thank you so much!”
– Robin W. (Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Student)


“Just wanted to drop a quick note saying that I especially appreciate the length of these videos. With two kids and lots of limited time, I’m able to squeeze in videos where I can and not feel like I am missing out. The content is very precise and I really love the direction this is all going. It has been a nice refresher from the TCM course (which I took in 2019 in Milton, just pregnant with Ruairí), and I appreciate the depth of knowledge being shared. Bravo!”
Tricia C. (Yin Yoga + Qi Cultivation Student)

Purifying Water – The Flow of Qi Cultivation

100hr Yin Yoga and Qi Cultivation Training

There are five 20hr modules in our NEW 100hr Yin Yoga and Qi Cultivation Training. Each module may be taken as a standalone training, and you can take these modules in any order you like. 

Module 1: Gathering Earth – The Foundations of Qi Cultivation explores the core elements of Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Acupuncture-based Massage as well as essential TCM theory for how to practice.

Module 2: Refining Metal – The Wisdom of Qi Cultivation sharpens the contemplative skills of Yin Meditation, Yin Yoga and Qi Gong along with acupuncture-based massages for refining the Qi of our Spirit.

The first two modules are now available as on-demand self-paced courses.

Module 3: Purifying Water – The Flow of Qi Cultivation explores the skills of Qi Gong, Yang exercise, acupuncture-based channel massage and Yin Pranayama for purifying the Water element of the body.

Module 4: (May-June 2024) Expanding Wood – The Strength of Qi Cultivation will build on the stability and mobilization skills in Purifying Water, to explore the safe cultivation of muscular strength.

Module 5: (to come in 2024) Igniting Fire – The Improvisation of Qi Cultivation will explore themes of creativity in personal practice and teaching. We will integrate all the skills and practices from the previous four skill-based modules. Here we will dive into the process of cultivating a personal practice of spiritual creativity.


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